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OHONG PLASTIC is a leading and professional exporter and manufacturer in PE tarpaulin industry for 17 years till now We have been in PE tarpaulin industry for 17 years and we have over 16 years of exporting experience During the past 16 years we established long term cooperation with many old customers from Europe America Australia South America and many other countries We worked like partners with some customers and offered them very good support in their market This wealth of experience gives our customers a degree of confidence that is unmatched in the industry We sincerely hope to establish business relationship with more new customers All products produced in our factory are...

Categories and Products

PE Tarpaulin

Blue PE Tarpaulin

Heavy duty blue PE tarpaulin Waterproof Blue PE tarp fabric 100gsm blue PE tarpaulin Blue PE tarp fabric Blue color PE tarpaulin Blue color PE tarpaulin Hot selling blue PE tarpaulin in roll blue light duty PE tarpaulin 45g/m2 light weight waterproof PE tarpaulin Blue color 100gsm 2x3m PE tarpaulin Water proof blue orange two sides different colors PE tarp PE Tarpaulin Blue Color 80gsm Blue color with UV protected PE tarpaulin double green color PE tarpaulin for agriculture two sides different color 100gsm PE tarpaulin Light Brown PE Tarpaulin Sheet Blue color PE tarpaulin 

Green PE Tarpaulin

UV protected high strength green tarp Green PE tarp for cover Green PE tarpaulin for cover Green plastic PE tarpaulin 90gsm olive green PE tarp Top selling Green PE tarp for cover light green light duty PE tarpaulin Green light duty PE tarpaulin Green color PE tarpaulin in roll for agriculture 2x3m green PE tarpaulin sheet Virgin material Green tarpaulin with reinforced corner Green color PE tarpaulin for storage Green PE tarp bale packing for covering High quality Olive PE sheet with UV Green color PE tarpaulin 

Orange PE Tarpaulin

Orange Blue Tarpaulin Roll Goods Orange Waterproof PE Tarpaulin Orange Blue Tarpaulin Ready Made Sheet Orange Silver Reflective Tarpaulin Construction Cover Orange color 12'x12' PE tarpaulin Orange color PE tarpaulin for covering blue orange PE tarpaulin for covering blue orange tarpaulin with reinforced corner 

White PE Tarpaulin

PE Tarpaulin Construction Covers White PE Tarpaulin Storage Cover White PE Tarpaulin Machinery Cover Roof White PE tarpaulin white light duty PE tarpaulin 

Black PE Tarpaulin

Black PE tarpaulin for industry 120gsm black PE tarp for sale Black waterproof PE tarpaulin for industry Waterproof black PE square tarp Black color waterproof PE tarpaulin Waterproof Plastic Sheet Black Poly Tarpaulin Black color PE tarpaulin waterproof with eyelet 

Silver PE Tarpaulin

Waterproof PE Tarpaulin Outdoor Covers Silver PE Tarpaulin 100% Virgin Good Price Silver PE Tarpaulin Silver PE Tarpaulin Pool Cover ready made PE tarpaulin heavy duty PE tarpaulin coloered on both sides silver roll PE tarpaulin 

Grey PE Tarpaulin

Grey Color PE Tarpaulin Sheet Grey Color Waterproof PE Tarpaulin Sheet Heavy Duty Grey PE Tarpaulin PE Tarpaulin Silver Color Silver Color PE Tarpaulin Heavy Duty Low Price PE Tarpaulin Silver Color PE Tarpaulin Silver Color 

Yellow PE Tarpaulin

Yellow Tear Proof Tarpaulin Ground sheet Yellow PE Tarpaulin Lumber Wrap Yellow PE Tarpaulin for Poutry Curtain Yellow Car Cover PE Tarpaulin 

Red PE Tarpaulin

Red Tarpaulin Roll Goods Red Silver Polyethylene Tarpaulin Red Waterproof PE Tarpaulin Red Waterproof PE Tarp 

Brown PE Tarpaulin

Blue Color PE Tarpaulin D ring D-Ring PE Tarpaulin Brown Color Brown Color PE tarpaulin Cover Brown PE Tarpaulin Sheet Cover Brown Color Heavyduty PE Tarpaulin Sheet Brown color PE tarpaulin light weight waterproof Light Brown PE Tarpaulin Sheet Low Price PE Tarpaulin fabric Brown PE Tarpaulin Sheet Light Weight 

Clear Tarp

Clear Transparent Tarpaulin Scaffold Sheeting Cover Clear Transparent Leno Mesh Tarpaulin Clear Transparent Woven PE Tarpaulin Clear Leno Mesh Tarp Greenhouse Cover 

Camouflage Tarp

Waterproof Army Green Camoflague Tarpaulin Waterproof Camouflage PE Tarpaulin Cover Camouflage PE Tarpaulin Sheet Camouflage PE tarpaulin Fabric Camouflage PE tarpaulin Fabric Camouflage PE tarpaulin Fabric Camouflage PE tarpaulin Fabric 

Stripe Tarpaulin

Striped PE Tarpaulin Storage Cover Striped PE Tarpaulin Boat Covers Striped PE Tarpaulin Refugee Tent Striped PE Tarpaulin Roll Goods Virgin Material Striped PE Tarpaulin PE Striped Tarp Sports Equipment Cover stripe PE tarpaulin multiple colors COLOR STRIPE PE TARPAULIN WITH EYELET 

Other Tarpaulin

UV Tarpaulin

UV Treated Poly Tarps Blue Tarpaulin UV Treatment PE Tarpaulin Green Tarps UV Blocking Polyethylene Tarpaulin Silver Loans UV Treatment HDPE Tarpaulin Outdoor Covers UV Treated Tarpaulin for Truck Cover UV Treatment Tarpaulin for Roofing Cover 

Fire Resistant Tarpaulin

Waterproof Fire resistant PE tarpaulin Sheet Fire Resistant PE Tarpaulin Sheet Cover Fire Retardant PE Tarpaulin Low Price Blue Fire Resistant Tarpaulin Low Price Fire Resistant PE Tarpaulin blue color Blue Fire Resistant Tarpaulin Low Price Fire Resistant Tarpaulin Low Price Blue Color 

Roll Tarp

Hot selling PE tarpaulin in roll Big roll blue PE tarp Getapolyen clear PE tarpaulin 100% virgin material in roll tarpaulin Hot selling PE tarpaulin in roll Blue color roll PE tarpaulin Getapolyen PE Tarp Roll to Europe 100% virgin material PE tarpaulin roll 

Leno Tarps

Clear Leno Tarpaulin Scaffolding Net Leno Tarpaulin for Scaffolding Net PE Mesh Fabric Scaffolding Net Leno Tarps for Construction 


High quality leno getapolyen tarp Green PE leno tarp Transparent PE scaffolding sheet Top selling leno getapolyen tarpaulin 

Tarpaulin Bag

Garden Bag PE Tarpaulin Bag 

Cotton Tarpaulin

Canvas Tarpaulin 100% Cotton 

Custom Tarpaulin

Custom Pond Liner Water Resistant woven Tarpaulin Custom Made D-Rings Tarpaulin Custom Roofing Cover Coated Waterproof Tarpaulin Custom PE Waterproof Insulated Tarps with Foam 

Tarpaulin Components

Tarp Hooks

Tarp Cover Rope Hooks 

Tarp Eyelet

Aluminum PE Tarp Eyelets 

Elastic Tie

Latex thread elastic bungee toggle ties 

Plastic Net

Mesh Tarp

Vinyl Coated Mesh Tarps Mesh Tarp Dump Truck Covers Webbing Reinforced Mesh Tarp 

Shade Net

HDPE Plant Support Net Plastic Window Screen Netting Plastic safety Debris Netting PE Raschel Shade Net 

Scaffolding Net

Low Price Scaffolding Net 

Weed Mat

Black Color Weed Mat Roll PP Ground Cover Weed Mat Black Color PP Woven Weed Mat 

PP Woven Bag

Low Price PP Woven Bag Cheap PP Woven Bag Laminated PP Woven Sack Rice Packing pp woven waterproof tarpaulin 455g/m2 PP woven tarpaulin 

Big Bag (FIBC)

Good quality PP big bag White bulk bag with orange belt PP jumbo bag with green belt 

Mesh Bag

HDPE Monofilament Mesh Net Bag Sack PE Raschel Mesh Bag Firewood Leno Mesh Net Bag Sack Palm harvest Date Monofilament Mesh Bag polypropylene Leno Mesh Bag 

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