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Tarpaulin fabrics try new ingredients, functional innovation subject to price


we can make a very good truck tarpaulins fabric, but the biggest problem nowadays is that the price greatly limits what you can do, the situation now is that you Can provide excellent innovative fabrics, but the market will not pay for the product. According to the latest statistics from the American Truck Transport Association, tonnage of trucks dropped only 0.7% in May after dropping 1.1% in April 2012. This figure is an increase over the same period of 2011 and can be said to provide good news for the important components of the road freight transport market (tarpaulins and tarpaulins). Fabric suppliers and manufacturers of load-bearing systems have survived the economic storm and are now responding to new needs and finding a broader market. Demand for tarpaulins has led some companies to rethink how to do business. President of Harp Canvas Company in Georgia, USA, said: "In this industry, you will face a variety of challenges, and some companies will only grow stronger if they can maintain their scale. Therefore, we must work and grow harder. In a highly competitive industry, the downturn has forced you to become stronger.Another issue stems from end-user expectations, in many cases end-users do not always see the value of a good product, Looking at the total cost of ownership of the product in the long run. "Fixing the old end-user spending on replacing the new truck tarpaulin remains cautious, which has led to a tightening of the entire supply chain. However, BondCote, a supplier of tarpaulins in Virginia, USA, has seen improvements since the end of 2011. Eric Erik, the company's national sales manager, pointed out that users choose to repair their tarps in the economic downturn instead of buying new tarps. "I'm not sure if it's because the economy is improving or when users are finally getting a new tarpaulin, and I think both are likely to have a little impact," Eric said. "At the same time, the changes in the EPA's emissions regulations New trucks are being sold before the effective date, and new trailer sales are now being followed. "Economic challenges have put the industry under price pressure. Eric said: "The tarpaulin market is commodity-based, and everything is about price, so all fabric suppliers have to be forced to cut costs to a minimum." Despite the economic downturn, some tarpaulins Suppliers and manufacturers have said their working conditions have improved. Hammond, head of cardinal canvas products, acknowledged the company was in a tough time in 2009, but in 2010 and 2011, the company has backlog a lot of orders for tarps because of a huge increase in market demand. As a distributor of North American tarpaulins, Grupo Piessa, headquartered in Mexico, has also noticed a customer shift. Moreno said the company's export manager: "We can see a decrease in purchases, customers are already adjusting orders, they choose to buy lighter products, or change the product specifications, in order to get a better price. "Unexpected market areas Products made by truck tarpants are sometimes used in unexpected market segments. For example, tarpaulins produced by Harp Canvas have now completed custom projects that have nothing to do with the trucking industry. The company built a giant tarpaulin bladders that can be used on offshore vessels, plugged into boats and inflated to enhance the speed of the vessel. In addition, the company produces octagonal and hexagonal mats for mixed martial arts combat. Chipfry, vice president of truck tarpaulin systems and trailer tarpaulin systems maker in Florida, USA, also recognized the importance of product diversification. He said that when you have a lot of time but can not sell a lot of Truck Tarps, you have to find something else to do. Especially in the difficult years of 2007 ~ 2009, what we have to do to survive. Donovan also saw global growth. Keferi pointed out that the strong growth in the international market, the company has a branch in the United Kingdom, the main distributor in France, the products are mainly sold to Mexico, Australia and South Africa and other countries. "There are some businesses that make truck tarpaulings more difficult because the countries in which they operate have higher product demands and some have just wanted products that will cover the goods and keep rocks from falling from the car . "Functional innovation is subject to price While the composition of tarpaulins has not changed dramatically, some suppliers have started experimenting with different ingredients. Moreno, of Grupo Piessa, said: "We are always looking for new, better substrates that will increase the resistance of our materials. In addition, we have developed UV and flame retardant additives to meet the requirements of international regulations Highest quality level. We have produced some phthalate-free tarpaulins with these additives in line with international regulations. "EricCredit of BondCote points out that if the industry can pay, we can make very good Truck tarpaulins, the biggest problem nowadays is that the price has largely limited what you can do, and the situation now is that you can offer great, innovative fabrics that the market will not make for the product Pay. Brian Burns, president of Canada Load-Coverage Solutions, said that as long as government agencies continue to demand regulation, suppliers of automotive-covered systems and end-product manufacturers will always have a presence in the trucking industry. In addition, the use of load-bearing systems will keep the demand for vehicles on the road without being affected by the weather.

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